Our Team

Our Core founders


Dennon Oosterman

Dennon Oosterman has been an avid maker right from his first Lego at age 3. Since then, Dennon has built boats, robots, guitars, UAV’s, and a host of other technical projects. Founding ReDeTec is a way of sharing this love of making with the world, and ProtoCycler is just the first step in the creative revolution.


Alex Kay

Alex Kay was born in Whistler, B.C., where he grew to love the outdoors and all that nature has to offer. His education in Engineering Physics at The University of British Columbia gave him the opportunity to combine his skills in engineering and design with his passion for the natural world, both traits that show prominently in his work at ReDeTec.

The ReDeTec Team

A startup is only as good as it’s people, and we’re lucky to have the best there is. It’s a team effort to turn unlimited creativity into a reality – read on to learn about that team!

David Laciak

David Laciak is our supply chain expert - a huge help to our startup

David Laciak’s previous experience in engineering consulting is a major help in running our logistics. What logistics, you ask? Handling all of the various manufacturers, suppliers, and shipping companies that make up the dreaded supply chain – it’s a full time job and then some! And, he makes his own shoes, which is pretty awesome.

Siraj Ahmad Shukri

Meet Siraj - our in house production expert

They say running a hardware startup is hard – but Siraj makes it easy. He’s our in house production expert, and operates all of our machinery. He also ensures that everything that leaves our doors is built to the highest quality. He has a degree in CNC machining and engineering from George Brown, and an awesome taste in music. He’s also just crazy enough to actually enjoy spending incredibly long days manning 3 machines at once – a perfect fit and crucial link for a company that loves making stuff!

Support Network

Passionate and talented as our team is, nothing can make up for hard earned, real world experience. That’s why we’ve gathered a fantastic supporting network, who have expertise in everything from UL safety certification, to marketing management and manufacturing logistics. They’re working hard to make sure we can deliver the highest quality at the lowest price, and that every ReDeTec product is something you’ll be as proud to own as we are to produce it. We are the source for renewable design hardware, and our support team ensures we’ll maintain that lead as we grow and develop our company.