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ReDeTec is a 3D printing company, founded to make 3D printing as accessible as possible. We want everyone to be able to create whatever they wish, with no concerns for their wallet or the environment. The design technology available today is spurring a revolution in how people think, make, and create. Businesses and  schools are increasingly turning towards 3D printing to maintain their competitive edge. This trend allows anyone to make whatever they want, without needing the time or skill required by traditional manufacturing methods. But this technology has so far remained unsustainable – and that’s a problem. The cost of buying new filament and the waste generated as you finalize your design to perfection are evidence of this. True creative freedom is being held back, because 3D printing is still consumable by nature.

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Driven by Design Perfection

With Renewable Design Technology, all of that changes. Instead of racing to provide cheaper and cheaper alternatives, ReDeTec develops novel solutions to fundamentally improve the 3D printing experience – which is why our solutions are trusted by everyone from award winning educators to space age innovators. Our patented technology allows you to recycle 3D printer material and create new 3D printing filament – at a fraction of the cost of traditional filament. Our process ensures the filament you generate meets or exceeds industry standards, and allows an unheard of level of customization…all while eliminating any waste created.  When the material you use to mould your creations is no longer expensive to purchase and wasteful to use, you can unleash true creative freedom. Waste can be reclaimed and then formed into whatever you desire. You can create new ideas without having to worry about how much money it will cost, and what the environmental impact will be.

3D printing and recycling are a perfect match. Plastic waste is abundant, and 3D printers are one of the most accessible design tools available today. We allow you to recycle 3D printer waste into new filament, because this changes everything about 3D printing– instead of an industry driven by consumption, it becomes an industry driven by creation. But we don’t want to stop there – we want every technology to be as sustainable as possible. By supporting us and using our products, you’re helping to ensure that anyone, anywhere, can make anything…in a sustainable, affordable way

Create away –

– The ReDeTec team